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Continuous Improvement

Where is your company on the lean journey? Has your company “done lean” but secretly can’t wait for “the good old days” to return- which they never will! What is good enough for now? Has complacency crept in? Where do you need to dig a little deeper, be a little more disciplined to elevate improvement activities to achieve a higher level of efficiency?

Do you practice leader standard work as a key tool for changing behaviours and thus changing the culture?

Do you carry out GEMBA walks and understand best practice, does leadership have a clear handle on how well and consistently this practice is being done?

When did you last systematically attack the wastes that customers don’t want to pay for (if they knew they were happening) and what were the quantified savings?

Seven Wastes:

1.  Excessive transportation
2.  Unnecessary inventory
3.  Unnecessary motion
4.  Waiting
5.  Inappropriate processing
6.  Over production
7.  Defects

and don’t forget the most important…

8.  Under- utilisation of people as a waste

We coach staff to manage the Kaizen cycle of employee engagement, quantifying the business benefit of each improvement; creating your competitive advantage, based on the six steps of continuous improvement:

  • Establish and train the team(s)
  • Map the process
  • Identify steps
  • Create flow
  • Establish and implement potential
  • Continuously improve



Continuous Improvement Diagram
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Continuous improvement model
Based on the Toyota Production System House model; two supporting pillars of Just in time and Jidoka (automation with human touch). The solid foundation of stability and standardisation is critical for success and is maintained through iterations of Kaizen and PDCA.
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